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Do you have any comments, complaints or feedbacks regarding the electrical services, oil and gas local business development (LBD) or any other general queries related to the energy sector? Please tweet or tag us on Instagram using #eidpmo_complaints or use the online form. ***Please note that we take your privacy very seriously and any complaints will be treated anonymously. Therefore we seek your cooperation in providing us with your details that will enable us to contact you.


 Recent Complaints

Complaint:Hi EIDPMO,

As Ramadhan is approaching less than 100 days now, I would like to raise concern on working hours for private companies during Ramadhan. In this case, Company C. I've seen muslim student attachment attached to the company worked until 7-8pm day in day out during the month of Ramadhan. How can this thing be allowed to happen? I'm not sure about the working hours for private companies during Ramadhan, but I strongly believe the working hours should be any different from the other months. It has to be reduced/shortened working hours. We really hope the relevant authorities this year do conduct checks from time to time to ensure that private companies are compliant with the Labour Law
Date:20/02/2017 03:06 PM

Tuan / Puan,
Dengan hormat dan takzim ingin menyuarakan supaya dipertimbangkan mengambil tenaga kerja dari luar negeri seperti yang berasal atau keturunan dari Afrika, bukan orang Arab.  Attitude mereka ini tidak sesuai dengan tujuan negara melulskan pengambilan mereka berkerja di Brunei.  Mereka ini kebanyakan nya tidak mahu mendengar rintihan atau cadangan orang lain apa lagi orang Brunei.  Mereka ini bersikap angkoh dan apabila di beri cadangan selalunya tidak menerima walaupun perkara itu berkenaan HSE.  Pada hal mereka ini bercakap mewakili syarikat mereka dan jika ada issue HSE itu melibatkan kewangan yang besar.  Mereka tidak ada initiative membentu atau mempermudahkan perkara yang berbangkit.  Mereka ini membawa hal peribadi di dalam hal hal kerja. Sesiapa yang pernah berkerja dengan mereka  ini sunggoh maklom mengenai perangai dan sifat mereka itu.  Saya pun diberitahu olih kawan-kawan sama berkerja di salah sebuah syarikat bahawa kebanyakan mereka ini tidak berpangalaman kerja-kerja offshore construction.

Saya berharap Pihak Tuan / Puan makan mengambil maklom perkara ini supaya hal-hal yang berkenaan terutama nya HSE dapat di comply olih kontraktor kontraktor di Brunei.

Terima kasih diatas perhatian pihak Tuan / Puan.

Date:16/02/2017 11:11 AM
Complaint:Hi Sir/Madam,

I would like to ask where I should direct my complaints to my private housing developer's contractor lack of regard for the WHSO 2009.
In the WHSO 2009 information point no.5, it states that the employer must provide toilers, washing facilities, drinking water and adequate first-aid facilities.
At the current moment, all of our 6 houses has no water due to not ready for occupancy permit stage. But the workers on site are using our house toilets to dispose of their human waste. We have informed, complained and even provided pictorial evidence to the developer but he is turning a blind eye on this situation.
Many thanks for taking your time to read this complaint.
Date:13/02/2017 09:25 AM
Complaint:I've just received a verbal termination by one of korean company. Due to always absent during work and not committed to my work.
As a bruneian, bawa anak ke hospital adalah dimestikan terutama anak yang berumur dibawah 5 tahun. So setiap appointment memang diatur oleh klinik/hospital
So aku sudah explain kan kepada company ane mengenai law and policy membawa anak ke hsopital. tapi durg ane tetap menyuruh anakku yang berumur 3 tahun untuk mengambil medical leave. Which is nda sepatutnya. Aku ckp aku buleh bg bukti which appointment card annaku ku photocopy and bg durg. But still they insist me to get medical leave for my son.
And mengenai sembahyang, memang la tne muslim 5 waktu adalah wajib, tapi durg ane memepertingkaikan kenapa kami wasting time on solat and inda menyuruh.Aku explain kan dah . ane brunei law . walaupun bkaja tpi sembahyang d utamakan.
And mengenai cuti kami. Adakah layak kami ane dapat 8 days for one year. sedangkan kami kaja dri isnin sampai sabtu bekeraja pukul 8am to 6pm. Sepatutnya if kami berkeraja full day on hari sabtu ,kami entitled one day off on every month. Tambahn lagi kami kena suruh and kena paksa bekeraja overtime . sebenarnya kami keraja dalam kontrak pukul 8 sampai 5pm tpi durg suruh kami kaja pukul 6pm which is one hour overtime. dimestikan overtime.Sama jua dengan hari sabtu, kami bekeraja halfday kalau diikutkan dalam kontrak tetapi kena suruh keraja sampai pukul 6pm.\
So ku minta pihak kita bertimbang rasa mengenai ane. Aku kana terminate pasal aku selalu absent disebabkan ku bawa anakku appointment pasal my son terkena virus kaki tangan dan mulut.
Date:07/02/2017 11:28 AM

I am writing to voice out my disappointment to EIDPMO.

The company I work with are now in a dormant state due to the inefficiency of EIDPMO.  All staff are forced to take unpaid leave until who knows when.
Our future is at stake.
I hope EIDPMO will resolve this issue and come out with a better closure or solution.

What we are working on have a high potential economic value, estimated at $150 million revenue in the next 10 years and we are among the first to have a complete state-of-the-art facility in Borneo, but the project have not even reach a green state because of the the project stopped.

I really hope for your consideration to continue this project.

إن شاء الله

Thank You.
Date:01/02/2017 04:25 PM

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